Magni and a lot of our other horses is for sale, send us a mail.

This is Magni:



Now we have collected all horses up in the mountains above Helluland. They are eating all the good green grass before  we take them down to the winter meadow at Àsgrimstadir. Welcome to take your horse to us at Helluland. Send inquire by mail! It´s our beautiful filly Lilja who is in the picture below. Father Thorlakur and mother Röskva.


Þorlákur is leaving Iceland for Sweden the 14th of october. Follow him on his FB site: Þorlákur frá Prestsbae or the homepage of Stall Vitavillan.



New film of Þorlákur!



Lovely summer days at Helluland, it´s nice temperatures and the sun is shining! Todays walk up in the mountains to se all the horses.



Þorlákur is now with his mares down at a field next to Heradsvötn. Summer is here!


This two boys, Þor frá Hvítu Villunni and his friend NN frá Hildingsbergi is playing around after a nice shower of rain!


This afternoon a beautiful palomino mare with blaze was born at Helluland. Mother is our Röskva frá Saudarkrokur and father is Þórlákur. Happy as a bird today!


This morning a beautiful black stallion( with a blaze) foal was born. Mother is our Festing frá Kirkjubae and father is Þorlákur.


Þorlákur frá Prestsbae have now been at his first breeding show, after first round he ended up with nice points total 8.0, without pace. Thank´s to Tóti Eymundsson who is the trainer and the one who shows him. Unfortunately we had no possibility to be there and se him live.

Þorlákur will be at Helluland, Skagafjördur this summer and there is more space for mares!

Thorlakur bed 2017


We have now some young geldings for sale. Wright mail for further information.


Þorlákur will serve mares at Helluland on Hegranes near Saudarkrokur from the 25th of june 2017. Contact us for a breeding agreement. Se his own page and there is information about fee and more. We aim for breeding show this spring and he is in training with Tóti  now.

Summer 2016

Summer 2016



The heard at Helluland is doing well. Daylight is coming again!IMG_1765


We wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!


We can now offer border for horses at our land:



And now both Hending frá Saurbaer and Festing frá Kirkubjae got their foals. Nice mare foals and the father is of course Þorlákur. Festings foal had star and snip. Hendings a nice blaze! Thank you Heidrun for the nice pictures and thank you for letting us take a foal on Hending!



And another foal, a mare named Ìsprinzessa, also after Þorlákur is born in Germany! Palomino with star and snip! Congratulations Gesa! and good luck with the little lady!


Our next foal, number two of three was born at Saurbaer to day! Mother is Hending frá Saurbaer whom we have hired from Hrossaraekt Saurbaer to get this foal, and father of the foal is our Þorlákur! Stallion or mare? time will tell, looks beautiful and also with a nice blaze! Thank you Heidrun for this nice photo!




This beauty ”Gjöf” was born at Hleskogar Hrossaraekt, probably dark palomino with a beautiful blaze! Congratulations Sandra and Raggi!

2016-05-17: New foal from our Röskva and Þorlákur!

Tonight our Röskva frá Saudarkroki got a stallion foal. As we can see on the pictures quite a ”look a like” to his father and his older brother! Photo Heidrun Òsk!

2016-04-10: Helluland, from 15/6

Visiting the wonderful Iceland? Why not go to the Icelandic horses cradle in Skagafjordur? Our farm Helluland is located on the west side of Hegranes in the middle of Skagafjörður and it is only 6 km to Sauðárkróki and 20 km to Hólar (!) We estimate that the first phase of the renovation will be completed by June 1 ☺ The farmhouse dates back to the early 1900’s and is very beautifully situated with panoramic views over the landscape. We have prepared four double bedrooms, all with beautiful views of the farm, the surrounding mountains or Héraðsvötn. Our intention is to preserve the old charm of the farm. Here you can stay well and have many delicious places to visit in the area. We are more than happy to help you find out what to do! More info at and for booking do not hesitate to email or call us. We have only one room free to the Landsmótsweek, but we can also suggest some other accommodations in the area in Skagafjörður by friends. Hope to see you all at Helluland in the summer!! Yvonne and Magnus


2016-04-08: Covering season 2016!

It is almost settled that he will serve mares at our own farm Helluland at Hegranes just 6 km from Saudarkrokur. Preliminary date is 18/6. Interested? send us a mail!


2016-03-03: We have bought a farm in Iceland!

We have had that in our mind for a couple of years now and suddenly it was there for sale and we fell in love at once. Our plans is to open a guesthouse because it is a really big house (built 1909) and there are also a lot of good land for horses. Now it begin with renovation, hopefully ready to the summer!

2016-01-24:  Visiting Þorlákur! (new film!)

It was a really good weather in Saudarkroki last weekend and we managed to get some filmclipps of him and Tóti in the white snow!

2015-12-23: Gleðileg Jól og Farsælt Komandi ár!

We wish all friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!Julkort 2


2015-09-01: Visiting Þorlákur!

He still enjoying the last summer days in the fence with his dames. Next week hi will start school again!


2015-07-04: One more foal out of Þorlákur is born.

This time it is on Hrossaræktarbúið Naust and it´s a mare foal, palomino with blaze! Congratulations Illugi and Hallur!



Late period is not booked yet. He might be available to another place that time. If interested mail me!


2015-06-29: Þorlákur meets his girls, happy guy! and girls!


2015-06-23: Þorlákur leavs for Hrossvest!


2015-05-17: Third foal this year after Þorlákur is born

at Hrossaraekt Varmalandi, congratulations to the owner to a beautiful stallionfoal

Nytt föl


2015-05-16: Þorlákur and our Röskvas son is born

at Saurbaer tonight. Really a look a like to his father!

2015-05-13: First foal after Þorlákur this year is born

Congratulations to this lovely filly!