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Hvita Villan Ehf

In 2012, we bought our first broodmare that we intended to keep in Iceland. Next, in the spring of 2014 we started Hvíta Villan Ehf, in connection with our purchase of the stallion Þorlákur frá Prestsbae from Inga and Ingar Jensen. Our horses born in Iceland are named frá Hvítu Villunni. In Sweden, we have bred Icelandic horses since the early 2000s. On our farm outside Nyhamnsläge in Southern Sweden, between 1-5 foals are born every year. Our breeders name in Sweden is Stall Vitavillan. (link to www.stallvitavillan.se) We have both been involved with horses since childhood and Icelandic horses is a major common interest. We both ride and love long riding tours, both in Sweden and Iceland. Our horses in Iceland are kept by Heidrun Ósk Eymundsdóttir and Pétur Örn Sveinsson at the farm Saurbær (linked to www.saurbaer.is) in Skagafjarðar and by Sandra Marin and Ragnar Stefánsson on Hléskogar (linked to www.hestanet.net) outside Grenivik in Eyafjördur. Our breeding goal is to breed sound and healthy horses with a focus on good temperament, excellent gaits and willingness to cooperate, i.e. the kind of horses that we love to ride ourselves. We aim to breed charismatic horses with a wow factor! We travel frequently to Iceland, many times every year. We love the horses, the people and the vagaries of the Icelandic nature. When we are not working with our horses, we also run a private clinic (link to www.vitavillan.se) in Helsingborg. The clinic's focus is qualified multimodal pain rehabilitation and medical insurance investigations. Rehabilitation of people with minor mental illnesses, such as depression or burnout syndrome, also take place at our farm, Stall Vitavillan. This rehabilitation is ongoing around three days per week and in this activity our horses have a major role to play, as therapists! If you wish to learn more about us or our horses, please send an email or call us. Yvonne and Magnus Liljeroos

Personal Info

  • Hvíta Villan ehf, Kt 580314-0660 Vsk-númer: 116427
  • +46 (0)707 38 71 14 (Magnus)
  • +46 (0)709 22 59 00 (Yvonne)
  • info@hvitavillan.is
  • www.hvitavillan.is

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Hvíta Villan ehf

Kt 580314-0660 Vsk-númer: 116427
+46 (0) 707 38 71 14 (Magnus) and
+46 (0) 709 22 59 00 (Yvonne)