Baldur och Sunna, our two nice foals.

Nr four was  Hending frá Saurbaer ! A lovely red foal with blaze! This is a foal we breed and thanks to Saurbaer for letting us rent Hending for this!


Nr three was a mare foal named Ìsprinzessa born in Germany! also palomino with star and snip!

Second was Leira with a beautiful palomino mare foal with a blaze, named Gjöf frá Hléskogum!

The babies 2016 is on their way: First was our Röskva who got a stallion foal, just alike his older brother, same color and signs!


This mare foal was born at Naust juli 2015, in the vest fjords in Iceland. Congratulations Illug G Pálsson to a beautiful foal!


Yippii! Our first foal out of  Þorlákur! Born 2015-05-16 at Saurbaer. It´s a stallion with same color as his father. Mother is Röskva frá Saudarkroki.


NN frá Skeggstadir text


NN frá Varmalandi, text